Offload virtual workshops

In response to Covid restrictions, we provided online open access Offload sessions to support people across the country.

To help people manage their mental wellbeing in these difficult times, we delivered a series of virtual workshops, which were led by some very familiar faces from the world of Rugby League.

Recordings of these workshops are still available below to watch back at any time.

Our presenters discuss their own personal mental fitness experiences which we hope will help equip you with practical tools and techniques to help you become more aware of how to look after your own, and other people’s mental wellbeing.

These workshops have been supported and funded by the mental health charity Mind.

Why not take a look at the Rugby League United Podcasts in which George Riley chats with high profile former players and officials who reveal how they manage their own mental fitness in their personal and professional lives.

More details of our community programmes and how to take part can be found here

If you are a business owner interested in bringing Offload to your workforce please get in touch

What is mental fitness?

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Stress and coping

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Resilience and life balance

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Challenging negative thinking

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Managing emotions

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