Aims and objectives

Rugby League Cares supports four key areas within Rugby League – player welfare and education; a health programme which delivers projects benefitting the health and wellbeing of people in rugby league communities; support for players (professional and amateur) who have suffered life-changing injuries; and a heritage programme which celebrates the sport’s rich history.

The charity’s strategic aims are:

  1. * To continually improve on the services and support provided to the people and communities we aim to support;
  2. * To continually increase the funding and resources available to support the people and communities we aim to support.

Our objectives are:

  1. * To support Rugby League at all levels, particularly for those that play, have played, run or have previously run the sport at a professional level;
  2. * To use Rugby League as a force for positive behavioural change and measurable improvements to individual health and wellbeing, particularly with those living in communities near to where the sport is played and most affected by poor socio-economic circumstance and life opportunities;
  3. * To use Rugby League to inspire greater participation in physical activity;
  4. * To develop sufficient finances to enable those with permanent serious injuries assistance when breakthroughs in medical treatment occurs;
  5. * To use the unique history of the sport to inspire communities to learn more about Rugby League, their community and the people that have lived and worked there in the past;
  6. * To use Rugby League to reach and serve the widest and most diverse audience possible in arts and cultural activities, breaking down barriers to social groups not traditionally associated with museums, arts and cultural activities such as dance and other arts forms;
  7. * To encourage greater interest in Rugby League either as a player, spectator or viewer.