The reality of life as a professional Rugby League player is a long way from the perception some people have of fat contracts, fast cars and the tabloid trappings of celebrity and fame.

Whilst players are well rewarded – at least compared to most young men of their age – their careers are short, filled with pressure and uncertainty, and often leave them disadvantaged.

Rugby League Cares works to offset some of those disadvantages and involves the charity working in partnership with a number of world-leading service providers to enhance the lives of the game’s most important stakeholders: its players.

From legal services and investment management to insurance, RL Cares puts the needs of the players first.

Players can access the services of the companies who have partnered with us directly or via their club’s Player Welfare Manager.

If you are a player and would like more information, please contact RL Cares Director of Welfare Steve McCormack on 07477 873902 or e-mail