Join Rugby League Cares

Rugby League Cares is a fully independent charity that provides an active support network for the game’s most important stakeholders, its players, because we recognise the unique pressures associated with being a Rugby League professional athlete.

Membership of RL Cares costs just £20 per year and can be collected by direct debit using the link below.

By joining RL Cares, players can access the full range of charitable services and support we offer, both during their playing careers and post-retirement.

These services include a training and education fund which awards grants to help players re-train and smooth the transition out of the sport at the end of their rugby careers; and access to our Hardship Fund, for when an individual’s circumstances are seriously compromised either through injury or a significant and sudden change to contract or employment.

Players can also take advantage of the many benefits offered by our partners in the RL Cares Business Club, including expert banking and financial advice, specialist insurance services, competitive prices on premium car leasing and access to new career opportunities.

By becoming a member of Rugby League Cares, you allow us to use your data to contact you via email with:

  • News and updates of the support services we offer;
  • Requests for your support for our fundraising activities and events;
  • Updates on the benefits available through the RL Cares Business Club.

Please be assured we will NEVER share your data with third parties or add you to any mailing list.

To join Rugby League Cares click here