Retired players asked to take part in transition survey

Retired players asked to take part in transition survey

Former professional Rugby League players are being invited to participate in an important national study into the experiences of elite athletes as they make the transition into retirement at the end of their sporting careers.

The study is being run by researchers at Liverpool John Moores University and aims to enhance understanding of the challenges athletes face in making a successful transition. The findings of the research will be shared with organisations like Rugby League Cares to help tackle negative experiences and provide better levels of support in future.

RL Cares Transition Manager Francis Stephenson hopes as many retired Rugby League players as possible will share their experiences by complete the online survey.

“As a former player I know from first-hand experience how challenging it can be to make the next step at the end of your rugby journey,” said Francis.

“Many players find it to be a very difficult process: some struggle with a perceived lack of purpose and a change of identity, while the loss of friendships and camaraderie that exist within a team sport environment is hard for many.

“RL Cares has responsibility for delivering player welfare services to the professional game and as an independent charity we have been able to provide increasing levels of support to the playing community over the last couple of years.

“The findings of the Liverpool John Moores University survey will hopefully allow us to gain a better picture of what players have gone through and develop our programmes to make transition easier in the years ahead.”

The research project team is led by Kelly Massey, a former Commonwealth and Olympic bronze medal-winning 400m runner who now lectures in physical education at Liverpool John Moores after transitioning out of athletics.

Former players can access the Athlete Retirement Transition Survey by clicking here

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