Rugby League Cares statement

Rugby League Cares statement

Rugby League Cares is immensely proud to work with, and for, the game’s most important stakeholders: its players.

As an independent charity, we provide a range of services and a support network designed to offset many of the disadvantages professional Rugby League players face from the nature of their profession.

These include the RL Cares Business Club, which gives players access to banking and legal services, currency exchange and insurance.

We also have in place a dedicated player welfare programme that involves the charity working closely with the professional clubs, the Rugby Football League and many expert, dedicated agencies who help players in their times of need.

Our work allows players who are suffering from poor health or going through troubled times to get professional help and advice: we have helped many players over the last few years and have always responded when we have been asked for help, or made aware of players who need help.

Because of the sensitive nature of much of the support we provide, this work has to go largely unreported and we are committed to respecting the confidentiality of the players we help.

We will continue to support any member of the playing community who wishes to engage with our player welfare programme.