Rugby League Cares statement

Rugby League Cares statement

The officers and trustees of Rugby League Cares would like to call on everyone involved in rugby league to embrace the sport’s values of respect, decency and inclusivity.

RL Cares believes the recent incidences of homophobic abuse against a senior match official go against everything rugby league stands for and have no place in our sport.

In a week that saw rugby league celebrate the 128th anniversary of its foundation, a game born out of a refusal to accept bigotry, injustice and intolerance can rightly take pride in being a sport for all.

Respect for match officials is embedded within rugby league’s DNA , as is respect for everyone involved in the game regardless of their age, race, colour, gender, religion, physical or mental ability, or sexual orientation.

The unacceptable behaviour of a few individuals can only serve to strengthen the determination that rugby league remains a sport for everyone and a sport with zero tolerance for hatred and prejudice.