RL Cares teams up with Mammoth to boost player welfare

RL Cares teams up with Mammoth to boost player welfare

Rugby League Cares has agreed an exciting new partnership with health and wellbeing specialists Mammoth that will bring enormous health, performance and lifestyle benefits to players and the wider Rugby League community.

Mammoth are the UK’s go-to provider for professional sport and health professionals for sleep and comfort products that are scientifically tested and proven to improve sleep.

The NHS award-winning technologies in their mattress and pillow collections are the perfect choice for anyone who lives an active lifestyle and wants to maximise recovery and rehabilitation through improved sleep quality.

Rugby League players often suffer poor sleep after playing and training, and Mammoth’s scientifically tested mattresses provide unrivalled support and comfort.

As the Official Sleep Partner of RL Cares, Mammoth are offering an incredible 40 per cent discount on their entire range to both players and the wider rugby league community.

Mammoth’s other relationships include official partnerships with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the Rugby Players Association and the British Athletes Commission – the member body for Olympians and UK-sport funded athletes.

Chris Rostron, the Head of RL Cares, said: “We are delighted to welcome Mammoth as a partner and are looking forward to working with them to help enhance the lives of both players and people across our communities.

“The health benefits of quality sleep cannot be overstated and our partnership with Mammoth will help address an issue that many players struggle with.

“Working with the clubs’ dedicated welfare managers, Mammoth and RL Cares will promote good sleep hygiene to help players with their recovery, conditioning and general wellbeing.

“This partnership once again underlines the charity’s commitment to safeguarding the welfare of the sport’s most important stakeholders: the players.

“Members of the rugby league community can also take advantage of the 40 per cent discount offer on the Mammoth range and enjoy all the advantages of good sleep.”

Mammoth was founded by John Tuton, a former medical executive who developed the first mattress prototype after suffering a serious rugby injury to his back and ribs in his twenties.

Having the good fortune to access some of the world’s leading comfort and sleep technologies used within spinal injury units, John used a sheet of high specification foam to help alleviate pressure and provide postural support through the night.

Fast forward 10 years and John and the team at Mammoth have refined their materials and technologies to create market-leading health and wellbeing products. In particular, Mammoth’s unique Medical Grade foam mattresses and pillows have helped thousands of people to improve their sleeping habits, ease aches and pains, and generally improve health and wellbeing.

John Tuton said: “Our mission as a business is quite simply to offer people healthy choices. Through our award-winning technologies, we’ve shown that the most advanced materials shouldn’t just be reserved for medical settings but can instead provide real benefits to all sleepers, night after night.

“We are proud to count many professional sports stars, elite athletes and Olympians among our customers because of the proven benefits of our products. And I’m delighted that through this partnership with RL Cares we can forge closer relationships with the rugby community.”

One feature of the partnership will see Mammoth work with former Widnes, Castleford and Salford player Lee Jewitt as their sleep ambassador.

Lee has been a presenter on RL Cares’s men’s mental fitness initiative, Offload, for the last two years, and is currently working with the charity on a new health programme designed to support NHS staff.

As part of the ‘RL Cares for NHS’ project, Lee will work alongside shift workers within the NHS to help them build good mental fitness and build resilience.

Lee Jewitt said: “The nature of shift work inevitably means sleep disruption and it’s great to have the expertise of Mammoth to keep me as healthy as possible.

“I know from my own playing days how difficult sleep can be, especially after playing. Your body is still charged with endorphins and adrenalin when you go to bed and there’s always some part of you that’s sore and hurting.

“A quality mattress like Mammoth’s Shine product has all the technology to make a real difference.”

The discount code for players and fans is RLCARES and you can see the full range at www.mammothperks.co.uk