RL Cares statement: RFL laws and rules changes for 2024

RL Cares statement: RFL laws and rules changes for 2024

Rugby League Cares welcomes the RFL board’s decision to accept the changes to the way in which the sport is played that were put forward by the sport’s Brain Health and Clinical Advisory Group Sub-Committee.

As the independent body charged with delivering player welfare services to full-time and part-time players, we recognise and accept that rugby league, like all contact sports, needs to make adjustments in light of recent medical and scientific evidence.

We recognise the challenges the RFL is facing, and the need for the governing body to take all necessary steps to protect the health and wellbeing of participants in all formats of rugby league.

RL Cares also understands the concerns and reservations shared by some people about the impact the changes may have on the way in which the sport is played: change is often difficult but in its 128-year history rugby league has never shied away from doing the right thing.

2024 will be an important juncture in that proud and illustrious history and we would encourage fans, players, coaches and administrators at every level to support these changes, which are designed to protect the health of rugby league’s most important stakeholders, its players.

RL Cares recently established a Brain Health Fund to both inform and educate current players about all issues surrounding good brain health, and to provide practical support to retired players diagnosed with neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Working in conjunction with the RFL and other organisations, we will continue to put the welfare of players at the heart of everything we do.