RL Cares helps employers support their staff during coronavirus pandemic

RL Cares helps employers support their staff during coronavirus pandemic

The devastating impact coronavirus is having on working class communities was revealed by figures from the Office of National Statistics today.

Among the working age population, men in low skilled jobs, the care sector and other service jobs are more than three times as likely to die from Covid-19 than their professional counterparts.

The figures help explain the high levels of stress and anxiety affecting millions of men in the UK, many of whom live and work in communities where Rugby League has a strong presence.

Rugby League Cares is proud of its record in supporting the sport’s communities and of the success it has achieved in reaching out to the thousands of men who have been helped by projects such as Offload.

The mental wellbeing initiative is currently run at six professional Rugby League clubs and is also being delivered in workplaces across the UK, providing guidance and support to thousands of staff at some of the country’s biggest companies.

Firms including the Environment Agency and energy giants SSE have embraced Offload by inviting RL Cares into their organisation over the last 12 months, with considerable success.

Chris Rostron, the Head of RL Cares, said: “Men in manual jobs are disproportionately likely to be affected not just by the health issues from contracting coronavirus but by the associated worry and stress that come with it.

“Offload has a proven track record of being able to help men become better able to cope with that worry and stress and we are delighted that more and more major employers are recognising how effective our programmes are.”

If you are an employer who would like more information about how RL Cares can support your staff via our Offload in the Workplace programme, please click here