Creating a new approach to tackling Wellbeing in RL

Creating a new approach to tackling Wellbeing in RL

Rugby League Cares is changing the sport’s approach to personal health by delivering a ground-breaking ‘whole person wellbeing’ programme that teaches people the skills they need to take care of their own lives.

Led by the charity’s Wellbeing and Projects Manager Steve Hardisty, the whole person wellbeing curriculum comprises six interactive, evidence-based sessions that explore the various elements of a person’s wellbeing in the context of elite sport. 

Participants who have completed the curriculum to date include Super League club CEOs, player welfare managers, heads of youth, coaches, volunteers and current and retired players

The aim of the wellbeing curriculum is to upskill all the sport’s stakeholders on the benefits of adopting a strategic approach to whole person wellbeing within the organisation in which they work.

Steve Hardisty said: “The sessions form part of our whole state approach to health within RL Cares. Additionally, it nicely complements our philosophy of working in a proactive and developmental way with people in the sport.

“The first stage of this process is upskilling all of the club player welfare managers so that they are able to support their colleagues. By gaining the ‘buy in’ from our stakeholders, player welfare managers can then begin working at a highly customised level with individuals, providing them with autonomy around the decision-making process related to their areas of personal interest and need.

“Ultimately, we are not only providing people with the skills in order for them to consistently perform at an elite level more consistently in sport, we are also empowering them with skills that they can successfully apply for life.”

Since launching the wellbeing curriculum in mid-2022, more than 50 candidates have completed all six sessions. Hardisty is currently delivering to a fourth cohort and interest in taking part continues to grow.

Steve McCormack, RL Cares’s Director of Welfare, said: “Steve is overseeing a real sea-change in the sport’s attitude towards health and wellbeing.

“He’s been with the charity for 12 months now and in that time, he’s brought a lot of energy and focus, especially around the benefits of positive psychology.

“Steve’s passion is infectious and helps reinforce the good work the charity does and our continued investment in player welfare.”

If you are involved in a professional club and require more information about the Whole person Wellbeing Curriculum, or wish to register your interest in being part of a future cohort, please email