Creative dance workshop inspires Rugby League club foundations

Creative dance workshop inspires Rugby League club foundations

Dance artists from Rugby League club charitable foundations across the North West enjoyed an inspiring workshop of contemporary dance delivered by Manchester-based Company Chameleon.

The fun, physical and creative session was led by the National Portfolio Organisation’s co-artistic director Anthony Missen and explored Company Chameleon’s unique movement style and creative approach, with a further focus on how to engage young people – and particularly young men – in dance activity.

The purpose of the workshop was to upskill the Foundation’s dance artists within contemporary and creative dance whilst exploring ways of engaging new participants within their own settings.

Through the Rugby League Cares Cultural Partnership programme, North West and Yorkshire club foundations are striving to develop high-quality contemporary dance offers for children and young people within their own setting.

Supported by Curious Minds and IVE, the project will see thousands of children and young people participate and develop their skills and knowledge of dance and the arts.

Leah Biddle from the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation said: “The dance workshop with Company Chameleon was a fantastic success!

“It was inspiring to see Anthony’s work and the opportunity to work with such a highly-regarded dance company: I left with lots of ideas and tools to take back to my Foundation.

“The training linked in perfectly to the boys’ dance platform we hosted in Warrington and will continue to inspire Foundations to deliver more boys’ dance projects.”