How to do the 2.6 Egg Chasing Challenge!

How to do the 2.6 Egg Chasing Challenge!
A huge thanks you to all the people who are taking up the 2.6 Egg Chasing Challenge to support Rugby League charities – it’s great to such delicate handling skills!

We’d love to see more videos of people doing the challenge – if you haven’t already seen it, watch the video above with Hull FC and England’s Andy Last, or follow the simple instructions below:
1 – Take a raw egg (in its shell!)
2 – Two people stand back to back, one takes one step forward and the other steps forward 1.5 paces to maintain a socially distant 2m
3 – The two players must make two sets of six catches with the egg – the first set by throwing and catching with their right hands, the second set with their left
4 – Between each set of six, the players do a press up
5 – Once completed, nominate five other people to take part in the challenge
6  – Make a donation of £5.20 – £2.60 each – to Rugby League Cares via the 2.6 Challenge Justgiving page
7 – Post a screengrab of your donation on social media to show your support for Rugby League charities.
Oh, and try not to break your egg! Good luck!