Support the Empire State 500 riders

Support the Empire State 500 riders

All 18 riders on the 2022 UK Red Empire State 500 are going the extra 500 miles with one key goal: to raise funds for Rugby League Cares.

In recent years,  riders have raised over £100,000 for the charity and this year we want to add another £30,000 to that total – and we’re confident that with your support we can do that.

You can support us by sponsoring any of the riders by clicking here : making a donation to the charity via Justgiving is simple, and what’s more if you agree to Gift Aid the taxman adds 20 per cent on top with no additional cost to you.

Please help us make a positive difference to people involved at every level of the sport, from the youngsters who make up the grassroots through to the stars who need our help when things go wrong.

We’d also love it if you could help spread word about the ride by following the adventure on social media and liking/sharing our posts.

Thank you!