Offload virtual workshops

Social distancing advice means we have been unable to deliver our Offload men’s mental wellbeing programme during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Offload fixtures are usually delivered in partnership with Salford Red Devils, Warrington Wolves, Widnes Vikings and St Helens and take place in locations like stadium dressing rooms.

To help people manage their mental wellbeing in these difficult times, we have produced this series of virtual workshops, which are led by some very familiar faces from the world of Rugby League.

Our presenters discuss their own personal mental fitness experiences which we hope will equip you with practical tools and techniques to help you become more aware of how to look after your own, and other people’s mental wellbeing.

These workshops have been supported and funded by the mental health charity Mind, and to help us continue to deliver vital support to the Rugby League communities for free, we want to hear your feedback on the campaign so far.

If you have watched any of the downloadable workshops on this page or have accessed any of the content from the Rugby League United campaign, including our Facebook and Twitter pages or the Rugby League United Podcast we would be grateful if you could support us by filling out a short feedback survey from Mind. The survey only takes two minutes to fill out and is completely anonymous.

You can find the survey here

What is mental fitness?

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Resilience and life balance

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Challenging negative thinking

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Stress and coping

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Managing emotions

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