Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions 2019 Draw

  1. General Terms
  • Promoter Chris Rostron, Red Hall, Red Hall Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS17 8NB. Licensed through Gambling Commission licence 000-048403-N-327234-002

1.2 The purpose of the Community Game Raffle is to raise funds for Rugby League community clubs, Rugby League organisations, Rugby League playing schools/colleges/universities and Rugby League Cares wider activities

1.3 The raffle is run under the name of the Rugby League Cares.

1.4 Each ticket will cost £2 with clubs/schools/ RL organisations retaining £1 for every ticket they sell.

1.4.1 In the event that tickets are not sold by such an organisation, but instead directly through RL   Cares. The whole £2 will be awarded to RL Cares

1.5 The raffle will run from Monday 20thMay 2019 until Friday 22thNovember 2019.

1.6 The draw will take place onWednesday the 4THDecember 2019. The time between raffle close and draw date allows for each ticket to be folded to ensure anonymity during the draw.

1.7 It is the responsibility of all clubs, schools and other participating organisations to return sold ticket stubs to Rugby League Cares on or before Friday 22ndNovember 2019.

1.8 Any tickets not returned to Rugby League Cares on or before Friday 22ndNovember 2019 will not be guaranteed entry into the prize draw. We will make reasonable endeavours to ensure late tickets are entered into the draw where possible.

1.9 Rugby League Cares accept no liability for lost or damaged tickets

1.10 Without exception no club, school or other RL organisation may keep the full value of £2 per ticket, though Rugby League Cares reserves the right to give their % to the participating club in exceptional circumstances. This must be agreed in writing with both parties before the club participates in that year’s raffle.

1.11 Rugby League Cares will keep records of all tickets sent to clubs and schools, any unsold tickets must be returned or destroyed. Failure to do so may result in your club/school being disqualified from participating in future raffles.

1.12 If anyone or any organisation sells Ruby League Cares raffle tickets but does not return the stubs and funds to Ruby League Cares in time for the draw, they are committing fraud.

  1. Eligibility

2.1 Tickets can only be purchased or sold by UK residents aged 16 years or over. Any entrant who is found to be under the age of 16 will not be eligible to win prizes. If the claimant of a winning ticket is found to be under 16, they will be immediately disqualified, reimbursed £2 for the cost of their ticket and the prize will go to a runner-up.

2.2 Only Rugby League community clubs, Rugby League organisations and Rugby League playing schools/colleges/universities, as well as Rugby League Cares and RL Cares approved providers are eligible to sell tickets and keep the proceeds.

2.3 Rugby League Cares volunteers, staff and approved suppliers are able to sell tickets as a fundraising tool for Rugby League Cares.

2.4 Rugby League Cares reserve the right to select organisations or individuals who are entitled to sell tickets to the general public.

2.5 No person employed in full or part by Rugby League Cares or the RFL can purchase raffle tickets.

  1. Prizes

3.1 The winner of the first prize ticket can choose which prize they would like to claim. The second prize winner can choose from the remaining prizes, which they would like to claim and so on.

3.2 The winner of the first prize will be determined by drawing at random a ticket from all tickets

submitted and processed by Rugby League Cares before

3.3 All subsequent prizes will also be drawn at random from the remaining eligible tickets.

3.4 There is no cash alternative for prizes.

3.5 There will be an “early bird” prize(s) for the clubs/schools who return tickets in the designated period of time in order to be entered into the prize draw.

3.5.1 There will be early bird and final prizes for the clubs and schools who sell the most raffle  tickets over the duration of the raffle.

3.5.2 The top-selling club/organisation (excluding school/college/university teams) can choose which prize they would like to claim. The second prize winner can choose from the remaining prizes, which they would like to claim and so on.

3.5.3 There will be a selection of small “lucky dip” prizes for the remaining clubs who have sold over 100 tickets. The clubs will be selected at random.

3.5.4 In the event of a tie in the club sales, Rugby League Cares will decide how the prize will be allocated.

3.10 All prizes are allocated at the discretion of the Promoter.

3.11 Prize winner(s) will be notified within 14 days of winning unless the ticket drawn is blank. The club who sold the blank winning ticket will have 4 weeks to find the ticket winner’s identity before the prize is reallocated. The club is expected to reasonably endeavour to find the ticket winner.

3.12 Winning Entrants must respond to notification within 3 months of receipt. Non-compliance will result in their disqualification and the prize/s may be re-offered or deferred.

3.13 Winners agree that Rugby League Cares, or their employees shall not have any liability in connection with the acceptance or use of any of the prizes. Rugby League Cares will endeavour to ensure that all prizes are fulfilled or provide a prize of equivalent value.

3.14 All winners, by accepting any prize as a result of buying a raffle ticket will agree to take part in any publicity associated with the winning of such prize.

3.15 A list of winners will be made available on the official RL Cares website and across RL Cares’ social media networks. In addition these will be sent to all participating organisations, using the e-mail address provided in the ‘Ticket Request Form’ document.

3.16 The winning raffle tickets must be made available to Rugby League Cares when claiming a prize. Failure to do so may result in the claim being denied and the raffle will be redrawn for that prize.

3.17 Photo identification may be required to prove the ticket winner is authentic and over 16

3.18 All prizes are subject to availability.

  1. Promotional Offer

4.1 This offer is for one free coffee per person. Not one per ticket.

4.2 RL Cares and Caffè Nero accept no responsibility for successful uptake of promo offer and QR code/ promo code registration process.

Please note that these terms and conditions may be revised and reissued without notice. The terms and conditions were last updated on 30ThApril 2019.