St. James’s Place Academy

St. James’s Place Academy

Changing career from the world of professional Rugby League to wealth management and financial planning can be a big step.

However, in an exciting new partnership for Rugby League Cares, players can now make the transition via the St. James’s Place Academy and a two-year career change programme, for which no previous experience or qualifications are necessary.

The St. James’s Place Academy supports individuals to become a financial adviser and build their own successful wealth management business. This could be a Rugby League player’s first step to a brilliant new career.

Recently voted Best Financial Adviser at the 2017/18 Personal Finance Awards for the eighth year running, St. James’s Place has been providing its clients with the very best investment and wealth management advice for over 25 years.  St. James’s Place, through its Academy, offers a hands-on, fully funded, two-year training programme that supports the transition into a career in finance – with earning opportunities after just six months.

The first six months of the programme is the Foundation stage and is classroom-based. During this time, players will acquire professional qualifications as well as technical and client-facing skills.

The second part of the programme is an 18-month period of developing new skills and experience.  A St. James’s Place mentor supports players throughout this time, demonstrating best practice and providing training on leadership and client acquisition techniques.

Once an individual completes the programme and has qualified, they have the choice to build their own business as a St. James’s Place Partner or join an already established and successful St James’s Place Practice as an Adviser.

The St. James’s Place Academy has helped many former sports professionals transition into fulfilling new careers.

To find out more, please visit the St. James’s Place Academy website  or contact Simon Andrews on 07825 696899 or