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Our Welfare programme aims to provide targeted health and wellbeing support to members of Rugby League community. Our aim is to inspire and motivate people to take up activities that can improve their social, physical and mental health and wellbeing.

We coordinate activities to assist with the education and development of people involved in Rugby League to reduce barriers and foster a culture of lifelong learning and personal development.

Welfare is an evolving project for Rugby League Cares. As Rugby League, and the communities surrounding the sport, grow and change, so must we. New programmes are added and developed each year.

If there is a welfare issue in Rugby League that you would like us to get involved with, do not hesitate to get in touch!


Lion\'s Lunch

Rugby League Cares is working on bringing players, coaches and match officials back together after they leave the game. 2015 will see the launch of our new series of Reunions lunches and dinners.

Join the Momentum


Join the Momentum is the Rugby League Cares Dance Programme. With help from the Arts Council England, Phoenix Dance Theatre and Company Chameleon Dance Theatre; 280 young people were able to dance at the Challenge Cup Final 2014. For your chance to see them in action, book your tickets to the Magic Weekend, 2015.

This project also runs a leadership programme to enable more dance enthusiasts to start their own dance groups and link up with existing local, successful dance companies.

To get involved or for more information, please to contact Sarah Elston on: DanceProgramme@rlcares.org.uk


Touch Rugby League

Touch RL

Play Touch Rugby League provides a minimal contact offer of Rugby League and is available for male and females over the age of 14.

Many competitive team sports experience drop off rates in participation from the age of 16 as lifestyle habits change. This presents an opportunity to provide an alternate attractive social offer that will appeal to this type of participant.

This is a great way to stay active and healthy with friends.

  • 50 licensed sites ran in 2014, 60 planned to run in 2015

  • 3000 participants took part in 2014, 3500 planned for 2015

  • Social media presence is impressive, with 37500 Twitter followers and 2000 Facebook likes. Facebook: www.facebook.com/playtouchrl

    Twitter: @TouchRL Facebook: www.facebook.com/playtouchrl

  • Website www.playtouchrugbyleague.co.uk

Try Tag Rugby League

Tag RL

Tag Rugby League is a great, fast paced, minimal contact team sport which is nearly identical to Rugby League - except instead of tackling, you pull a velcro tag.


Tag Rugby League is very popular in the South East and is spreading through the rest of the country with Yorkshire leagues to be launched in 2015.


Try Tag Rugby run adult Tag Rugby leagues throughout the year at over 20 London and Reading venues which include Clapham Common, Hyde Park, Olympic Park and Wimbledon.


Tag Rugby League will operate alongside the popular Play Touch Rugby League programme that was launched by the RFL earlier in the year.


* 3,000 players, 250 teams participating in 2014, 350+ planned for 2015

* Social media coverage is growing with 1,500 Twitter followers and 1,000 Facebook likes

Twitter: @TryTagRugbyUK

* Website: www.trytagrugby.com

Sun Awareness - The risks of a summer sport

sun awareness

Since 1996, Rugby League has been played throughout the summer months, and although it may not seem like it when in commences this February, we can all expect to watch and play Rugby League under the warmth of the sun at some point this year.

This brings with it a risk that may seem trivial compared with the more recognisable risk of injuries that accompany our intense and physical game, but the sun can be more damaging than we may realise.

Skin Cancer currently accounts for 4% of all cancers in the UK. It was responsible for over 2000 deaths in 2012 alone. These statistics are made more shocking when you consider how easy it can be to prevent.

It can be as simple as keeping your shirt on, taking a few minutes to apply sunscreen, or wearing a hat when watching a match, but these tiny changes could be the difference between safety and risk.

Former Rochdale Hornets player David Taylor is currently spearheading a fundraising and awareness campaign regarding Skin Cancer, and knows exactly how damaging the illness can be – David was diagnosed with terminal skin cancer in 2011.

“Now that Rugby League is a summer sport we need to take more care – we are exposed to a lot more sun.”

“I just want to raise awareness – I see young men walking around nowadays and they are terribly sunburnt. I used to do the same at their age but I could scream at them now. I’m not trying to be a killjoy; I just want people to respect the sun.”

David’s story is a tragic reminder that, whilst we can enjoy the sun and revel in it on the rare occasions it appears in this country, it is vitally important to respect it, and take precautions in it. It is, after all, a giant ball of nuclear energy.

Tips for preventing sunburn and over-exposure:


  • KEEP COVERED UP (T-shirt, Hat)

  • WEAR SUNGLASSES(The sun’s UV rays can affect your eyes too)



For more information, please visit www.sunsmart.org.uk/

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